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Fun SoundPlayer Maker 2.3

Easily create great looking Flash music players with the help of this tool
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Fun SoundPlayer Maker helps you create Flash music players for online use on a website. Yes, this program is actually fun to use. Simplicity of use and the modern player templates make it attractive.
Instead of a top menu, this application has four tabs. In the first one you choose a template, in the second you tweak the settings and in the third one you choose some final settings and create the content.
Each template has some specific particularities. Some can include the sound files, some use external files, some are complex, others are simple. Each one of them looks good and a part of them contain very interesting and smooth animations. Additional templates can be downloaded from the application’s site.
The ability to change the size and colors of the player is a big advantage, helping you make it fit and look good on your site.
The software is also able to record sound from your microphone. People that want to publish podcasts or simply want a more personal way to interact with their visitors could find this feature very useful.
The trial version opens up a nag dialog each time you generate some content and adds watermarks to the Flash file. The full version does not come cheap but it is not expensive either.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Easy to use
  • Fun
  • Extra templates can be downloaded
  • Players can be customized
  • Recording feature
  • Modern templates, smooth animations


  • None
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